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Get out of the dating pool and into a relationship.

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Is Love In The Cards For You?

If you’ve come to this page, chances are you feel stuck, frustrated, or disillusioned by the gay dating scene. You may be asking yourself (or the universe):

  • Why am I still single?

  • Why is it so hard to get a boyfriend?

  • How are all these other guys finding boyfriends?

  • If I put myself out there, will I just end up being rejected?

  • How do I keep attracting the wrong men, or unavailable men?

  • When is it my turn to be in a lasting relationship?

  • When do I get to be in love for real?

About Me

Love Daddy is dedicated to helping you build authentic and thriving connections through empathy, curiosity and open communication.

You’re tired of games, confusion, and avoidant behavior. You’re over hookup culture and flings. You want something enduring and fulfilling. You want to love, and to be loved.

Here you will find a safe space to explore your desires, aspirations, emotions, vulnerabilities, and boundaries. You can be candid about the things you want in a relationship, as well as in a partner. You can share when you’re feeling discouraged, anxious, or even afraid of what’s to come. It’s all on the table.

I'll help you to overcome challenges, foster intimacy, and go from flying solo… to vacationing with your boo!

What you can expect

As your love coach, I'm committed to holding you accountable and helping you as you navigate the world of gay dating and partnership.


We'll work through the challenges that you have faced and continue to face with men and within yourself.


I'll stretch you out of your comfort zone, and challenge you to consider how you might approach certain areas of your relationships differently.

You'll adjust your attachment patterns, and learn to build trust and create boundaries.

You'll learn to be more confident and certain in your interactions with men, both in person and online.


We'll set you up for success in any relationship you enter — not just the romantic one you're after. However, you will be ready for them when they enter the picture!​


Keith C.

Ogden, UT

I struggled with confidence, body positivity, and comparing myself to others. The confidence and mindset Trevor has helped me change for myself is gold.

Michael A.

Hollywood, CA

Hiring Trevor was one of the best choices I have made for my relationship journey. I now feel really connected with what I have to offer a partner, and I am a lot more present to how I approach dating and communication with the guys I am interested in.

Brady B.

Nashville, TN

He created a safe environment to ask questions and truly learn and work toward a more positive mindset when it comes to seeking a relationship. I can't recommend Trevor enough.

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